Captain Well, for Instant Relief from Period Pains

Our innovative wearable device is designed with your comfort and wellness in mind. It will help you reduce your abdominal pain and backpain caused by cramps and spasms that are common during menstruation quickly and safely with no side-effects.

The Pain & Discomfort

Did you know that an average woman experiences approximately 2,400 days of physical and emotional discomfort during her menstrual cycle? Abdominal cramps and spasms and lower back aches are among the most common issues that women experience. Statistics from NCBI show that almost half of all women worldwide experience some sort of menstrual discomfort, of which 15% experience unbearable pain, mainly due to endometriosis. The pain and discomfort, whether bearable or not, affects the quality of life of millions of menstruating women.

Why Captain Well?

Unlike medicinal pain killers that not only take time to take effect but also cause inflammation and drug dependency, with Captain Well you will not experience any side-effects and can get safe and immediate pain relief.

The compact design of the device makes it portable and discreet. You can wear it in your pocket or on your belt, whether you are at work or school, shopping, driving, working out, or just relaxing, you can use your device everywhere and anywhere without anyone noticing.

You can seamlessly manage and control your device with our smart AI-Powered mobile application; Anna. You can choose and change your preferred setting for the intensity, frequency and temperature of the device for optimum comfort.

How does it work?

Attach the pads to your pain areas for immediate relief from discomfort and pain. The electrodes in the pads send electrical pulses to the targeted areas to block the pain receptors. Heat therapy is also provided through the pads increasing blood flow to the area to better- help ease the pain. Besides reducing menstrual cramps and pain, you can relax your muscles, overcome fatigue and feel more energized.

Not for use for: pregnant women, if you have a pacemaker, if you have epilepsy, if you have undiagnosed pain, if you have a history of cancer in the past 5 years.


  • Lightweight, portable device available in 6 colours
  • Skin-friendly,flexible gel pads that conform to your body
  • Supports up to 6 pads targeting additional pain points
  • Mobile App connectivity with Anna
  • Adjustable frequency, intensity, and temperature settings
  • Built-in timer for heating functionality
  • Auto-power off and Auto-lock function for safer use
  • Rechargeable Battery